About Us



Urban Teach NYC is a Online Education and Seminar company designed to bring Wealth Building education to Urban areas across the tri-state area. Our goal is to teach material not covered in a traditional educational setting with a focus on Real Estate investing and Entrepreneurship.  



Our presenters are not teachers, they are successful experts in an particular industry. They have first hand experience in the material they teach and will share experience and best practices in the subject matter.  Our classes and course content is specific and focused. We understand that time is valuable and that the best resource is the source!



 Rosalyn Ortega is the Founder of Urban Teach NYC. She is a Bronx NY native with a passion for self-education. She traded a traditional College education for work experience in the Hospitality industry, climbing up the ranks from a Hotel Operator to various Corporate roles in Revenue Management. Rosalyn is a self taught Real Estate investor and Landlord.  She's helped hundreds of small businesses owners create sales and marketing strategies for their business through her Coaching program. She promotes self-education as the stepping stone to creating wealth.